Cofred Credit/Debit Cards

Cofred virtual/plastic credit/debit is back and better! Order yours today and gain the freedom of shopping online peacefully.

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Emergency Update!

Due to some urgent update in our system! You are required to uninstall the current Cofred app on your phone and install the latest released one! You can do so by following this link:

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Cofred is a secure online payment solution system that allows its users to send and receive payments! Cofred also features easy bills payments, money transfer, merchant and person to person payments by allowing its users to link their Visa or MasterCard or mobile money wallet to make payments.


To maximize multiple and flexible money transfer and online payment opportunities, build economic prosperity and spread the dynamic image of the e-commerce world and cashless opportunities.


Our ultimate goals at Cofred is to build a secure online global environment for users and merchants that is flexible and easy to use.


We focus on providing excellent service for our users while maintaining the fast growing trending in the world of technology.


To become a leading secure online payment and e-commerce platform in Nigeria and to the rest of the world.


We will always take the high road by practicing the highest ethical standards by Communicating openly and honestly and build relationships based on trust with customers and the community.


We will be a world-class leader in every aspect of our business — in developing our team leadership skills at every level; in our management performance; in the way we design, build and support our products; and in our financial results


We take pride in doing this through accepting ownership, exceeding customer expectations and striving for continuous improvement in everything we do - including our thinking, our daily work, and every product and service.


Winning as a team!


Conducting our business with the highest standards of ethics, adherence to the law, and "doing what's right" -- thereby encouraging a healthy and safe workplace, responsible government, a highly competitive free enterprise system, environmental excellence and community enrichment


We move quickly embracing change and seizing new opportunities, Improve operational efficiency with technology and best practices

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